Blog: Taking Pride in British Business


With all the political turmoil that’s been taking place over recent weeks, it’s nice to take a deep breath and appreciate the normal things of life.

As the UK prepares to leave the EU into the good or bad of the unknown, the fact still remains that there are small businesses throughout the land, flying the flag for British products and manufacturing, offering quality and traditional crafts that the UK is renown for.

As Prime Ministers come and go, the common dominator remains the same. We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that we are a nation of entrepreneurs who are passionate about making their business the best it can be – businesses that recruit skilled people regardless of nationality, offering the best product and service so that British business keeps as competitive as it should be.

Such entrepreneurs focus their efforts on supporting the local and wider economy, leading the way in not being afraid to invest to secure a future, something that larger businesses could learn a lesson or two from. Lovell Stone Group is proud to be such a small company that sees opportunity and will raise to any political challenge.

Whatever the political landscape, British business has much to be proud of. Any Government should embrace it after all, it’s part of the reason why Britain is Great Britain.

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