A Guide to Specifying Stone

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For those of you who specify stone, it must sometimes be an impossible task with so much beautiful British stone being quarried throughout the UK.

We are lucky that we live on an Island with some many natural treasures available to us and every day when quarrying for our own stone, we are amazed by the different textures, colours and quality that comes from this amazing natural resource.

The most important thing if you are specifying stone is to speak to the source as soon as possible.

The quarry can help advise on which stone is best for its intended use and at Lovell Stone Group, we can also help with valued engineering, often by making subtle design tweaks that can lead to cost savings and decreased production time and waste.

By speaking to the quarry you also get a better idea of stone content making sure it’s the right stone for you and sometimes, looking at alternatives without comprising the integrity of the design.

It’s also worth mentioning that its best to check and this particularly relates to Architects who are specifying stone, on which sizes are viable. This will no doubt save time and money as any specialist quarry team will have experience of understanding design and advising on which stone is best, it size and how it’s to be processed to secure the best possible results.

We are always happy to welcome specifiers to any of our quarries. It’s good to see the stone in the flesh and understand better its variations, colour and limitations. The most important thing for all specifiers is to have a complete understanding of the stone that comes from having a great relationship with the supplier.

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