Waitrose, Chipping Sodbury


Purbeck Ragstone is ideal for new build sites and has been used extensively at an exciting new Waitrose store, in the heart of Chipping Sodbury, South Gloucestershire..

With its mix of browns, greys and the occasional splash of blue, Purbeck Ragstone has become an iconic stone throughout the South West and beyond.

Quarried in Dorset, Purbeck Ragstone is one of the many building stones we supply from quarry near Swanage, on the world famous Jurassic Coast.

The local Planning department wanted to ensure the Waitrose store blended in with nearby stone built properties . Several different types of stone were considered but Purbeck Ragstone quickly became the stone of choice.

Almost 400m2 of Purbeck Ragstone was supplied which has been used to great effect on several elevations around the store, the surrounding buildings and parking areas.

Our modern operation, ensures consistent quality and continuity of supply. We also offer the more traditional Purbeck Building stones, such as the Blue and White Buff.

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