From exquisite building materials to skilled architectural masonry, Lovell Stone Group provides a wide range of products and services from our Purbeck quarry. Our equipment, skilled staff and commitment to investment ensures we can offer bespoke stone products to a range of customers, some of whom are working on specialist internal and landscape projects that showcase the best in British stone.

Building stone

To create a rustic effect the stone is cropped by guillotine. Nominal bed width between 125-150mm and 100-125mm. Available loose or in 1 tonne bags (approx 4 sq/m per tonne).

Building stone with alternative bed widths or bespoke finishes such as ashlar, pitched, hammer dressed, tooled and fine dressed can also be supplied.

Paving and Setts

Purbeck paving is available in standard gauge widths of 200, 300 and 400mm in random lengths and standard thicknesses between 30 and 65mm. Other sizes are available to special order.

Purbeck setts, kerbs and ancillaries are available in any size to special order.

The range offers a choice of three colours: White-Buff Purbeck, Blue Purbeck, and Traditional Purbeck. Finishes include bush-hammered, natural riven, flame textured and bespoked tooled.

Internal Flooring

Purbeck natural stone flooring is available in a range of colours and unique finsihes including honed, flamed, flamed and brushed, sawn and rubbed, and hand finished antiqued. Manufactured in standard gauge widths of 200, 300 and 400mm in random lengths with a standard thickness of 20mm. Other sizes are available to special order.


Random walling: hand split random willing stone is produced from thinner beds of stone with one fair face making it suitable for use as traditional dry stone walling and cock and hen copings. it can also be used for retaining and boundary walls and as a mrotar fixed walling stone.

Random walling stone can be supplied loose or in 1 tonne bags (approx 3 sq/m per tonne).

Ornamental: The Lovell Purbeck works produce bespoke hand carved landscaping and garden furniture including tables, seats, benches, bollards, bird baths and troughs.

Rockery stone: Feature stones and boulders suitable for use in rockeries and water features are available in a full range of Purbeck colours.

Roof Tiles

Lovell Purbeck produce hand fettled traditional Purbeck stone roof tiles, as currently supplied to the National Trust and heritage schemes.

The tiles are produced from natural cleaved Purbeck stone. The stone is cut into rectangular components with fettled joints and a leading edge. They are usually laid in diminishing course heights from eves to ridge.

Available to order in any size with a nominal thickness of 15 to 25mm.

Supplied per roofing square (10 x 10ft) or linear metre.