Blog: Will the Chancellors Autumn Budget Statement Housing Plan support the best of British?


Within the recent government’s Autumn budget statement, George Osborne made a commitment to double the housing budget to help fund the construction of 400,000 affordable homes, by the end of the decade.

This will see the biggest housing build programme since the 1970’s with almost half of the houses being starter homes, sold at 20% off market value for first time buyers.

But however much this scheme eases the need for new housing throughout the UK, does it really support the construction industry and those of us who believe in British, by supplying the best natural resources Britain has to offer?

Take the South West for example. Throughout the region we have a wide range of quarries that offer the very best in British Natural Building stone – stone that should sit at the heart of each and every local building project. But there is no incentive to consider British when cheaper, foreign alternatives are available which often don’t offer the same quality or enhance the local surroundings.

Perhaps, if the government is to push forward these plans and provide housing that will not only help with current demand but also stand the test of time, they should encourage the use of British products and craftsmanship. Products that showcase natural resources, secure employment and investment in a construction industry that is leading the way in the recovery of our economy.

It may simply look like a block of stone but it’s handled with care, in modern workshops by experienced staff, using state of the art equipment. It’s competitively priced and with vast reserves of stone available, continuity of supply is guaranteed.

So, we should always consider first and foremost what British suppliers have to offer, utilising local products that are tried and tested – products like regional stone that make a real difference to the local environment, its community and which continues to make us proud to be British.

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