Blog: Bath Stone – Simply the Best


There is no doubt that Bath stone is iconic. It’s recognisable throughout the world and when you think of the UNESCO world heritage City of Bath, you think of Bath stone.

Bath stone is a very consistent. It is an easy stone to work with and that’s the main reason why it has been used for centuries. It looks stunning and only gets better with time.

There is of course stone out there that looks remarkably like Bath stone and is increasingly being used as an alternative but, it doesn’t carry the same pedigree. It’s not been quarried since Roman times or have the same legacy and it doesn’t incorporate the proven qualities of Bath stone that have made buildings like The Royal Crescent so admired and famous.

The environmental impact of quarrying and using stone cannot be ignored. Our own Hartham Park Bath Stone and has a very low environmental impact and sits next door to an area of outstanding natural beauty. It’s also important to remember that Bath stone has been quarried for centuries and by enabling it to be quarried and supplied throughout the UK and further afield, we can keep the industry alive, employ local skilled miners during a time when we’ve seen the rapid decline in the industry over the past 40 years.

So, what do you do if you want to select Bath stone for a project? Well, consider original Bath stone first and foremost. There is no doubt it’s a stone demonstrating quality, consistency, heritage and above all beauty.

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